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MOTHERS & PUPPIES - Super Premium Especiales


Made with high quality raw materials and enriched with omega-3, for the benefit of the digestive, cardiovascular and immunological activities of your pet. Particularly suitable for breeders.

Raw content

Hydrolyzed chicken, rice, wheat protein, poultry fat, fish protein dehydrated LT, legumes, natural flavor of poultry liver, yeast, hemoglobin pig, fish oil, dehydrated egg, lignocellulose, hydrochloride glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, calcium phosphate, taurine, mannan-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides, L. Carnitine, yucca schidigera extract, chelated zinc, vitamins and minerals, natural antioxidants.

Analysis of content

Analitycal components

  • Crude protein33,0 %
  • Crude oils and fats18,0 %
  • Crude fibre2,0 %
  • Materia inorgánica7,0 %
  • Humidity10,0 %
  • Calcium1,0 %
  • Fósforo0,8 %
  • Lisina1,3 %
  • Glucosamina1.500 mg/kg
  • Condroitina1.100 mg/kg
  • Omega 6 fatty acids2,73 %
  • Omega 3 fatty acids1,14 %
  • DHA Ácido Docosahexaenoico0,58 %
  • EPA Ácido Elcosapentaenoico0,36 %
  • Vitamina A (E672)27.000 U.I/kg
  • Vitamin D3 IU1.800 U.I/kg
  • Vitamin E (a-tocoferoles)600 mg/kg
  • Taurine850 mg/kg
  • Calories4.210 kcal./kg.


Specific food for mothers in gestation / lactation and puppies from the 4th week of life until the end of its development. If your puppy is not used to consuming dry feed, it is appropriate to moisten the croquettes with warm water, taking care to remove what has not been consumed within a maximum period of three hours. It is advisable to divide the recommended 3-4 doses before six months which may be reduced to 2 from the 6th month daily amount. It is important to adjust without exceeding the recommended daily total amount.


Bag of 15 kg.


Extruded croquettes natural color.


12 months in original container maintained in conditions free of moisture and excessive heat.